Tembo Mentorship Programme

Mentoring Change

Founded in April 2021, as a result of the first Chacma Champions Holiday Programme. Students from ARKYS Outreach Projects who show good leadership skills, compassion towards others and an enthusiasm to learn more about the environment and how they can make a difference to help conserve our natural world, will be chosen to join the Tembo Mentorship Programme. They will assist the facilitators in our projects and we, in turn, will teach them valuable life skills, facilitate training and help them to set up their own community projects. We will work with them towards an incredible ecocentric future!

Our environment is what houses and helps our ecosystem grow and thrive. Without protecting and taking care of our environment we’re putting so many lives in danger such as animals, plants and crops, and even our own. All of the ecosystems that make up our environment are deeply connected. Small steps are key, and once you find how easy each is, you will be surprised how quickly you can make a positive difference in protecting our environment.” – Alaina Woodward (Kleinberg Primary)

Current students that are part of the Tembo Membership Programme are Alaina Woodward (Kleinberg Primary), Joshua Chown (Kommetjie Primary), Mbasa Duba (Ukhanyo Primary) and Tshilidzi Makungo (Muizenberg High) from the Slangkop 2021 Chacma Champions Holiday Programme. Precious Kavule (Masiphumelele High) has been selected from the Guardians of the Deep Environmental Education Programme and Axolile Toli (Ukhanyo Primary) from the Da Gama 2022 Chacma Champions Holiday Programme.

“Being a Tembo Mentor means that we can help to protect the environment by bringing ideas to prevent pollution, and to me it means that we are brave enough to be leaders”
Precious Kavule (Masiphumelele High)

Sustainable Living Workshop

Some of our Tembo Mentors attended a Sustainable Living Workshop at the Scarborough Biodynamic Centre with Kelson from Gaia Scarborough. Precious is developing her Community Project, which focuses on composting, so Kelson explained the process while showing us around the beautiful community facility. We learnt so much about their awesome initiatives; composting (kitchen waste, dog poo and toilets), ecobricking, beach cleaning, jar drop-off, book exchange, food garden, recycling depot and the Share the Shores and Dune Rehabilitation programmes. Thank you for showing the Mentors how we can all make positive differences!

Project KNEXS

A long-term collaboration between the Tembo Mentors and the Forever Young Seniors Club of Mutheera’s Projects to share knowledge, experiences and skills.

Current Skills Development Projects:

Film-making and Interviewing through a sponsored programme at Earth Kids TV
First Aid Training
Citizen Science and the Scientific Method
Community Project Collaboration and Development
Learn-to-Swim and Snorkel/Freedive Initiative

ARKYS Outreach Project Coordinator: Sally Sivewright

Current Tembo Mentors and their Community Projects


Past Tembo Mentors and their Community Projects

Tshilidzi Makungo – Think before you Throw (Recycling Campaign)