Mutheera’s Projects

Community Enrichment and Welfare Projects in Ocean View, Cape Town

Founded in April 2019, Mutheera’s Projects runs several projects to support the more vulnerable members of their community, such as children and the elderly, and encourage kinship and collaboration between groups to build community spirit. Based in Ocean View, Cape Town, Mutheera and Ashraf Rademeyer coordinate all of these projects, while members of their Youth Club assist in the cooking and with the food deliveries throughout their neighbourhood.

“I know the struggle all too well. I’ve learned with my time running my soup kitchen that a lot of us struggle behind closed doors. I have been blessed to be able to do what I do and blessed even more with amazing individuals who support my passion, whom I’m sincerely grateful to. COVID-19 worsened many of our households, but I can honestly say that our community has been so amazing in assisting each other in so many ways. No matter the religion, race or gender, my wish is to do as much as I can to help a neighbour following the example my parents set. For the love of the community” – Mutheera Rademeyer

Elderly Feeding Scheme

The Elderly Feeding Scheme delivers hot home-cooked meals to the doors of 84 elderly who are unable to make their way to the Soup Kitchen. This number is steadily growing as new requests for assistance are received daily

Forever Young Seniors Club

This very special group of approximately 80 elders meet once a week for activities, a hot meal and socialising. They are also treated to a monthly trip to the seaside nature reserve of Soetwater

Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen provides hot meals to approximately 345 children and adults who struggle financially

Special Public Holiday Programmes

If you want to see a child’s full potential, give them the platform to shine. There is a lot of hope for our beloved community, we just need to invest in our youth and show more compassion. Sport is just one way of mending our community” – Mutheera Rademeyer

The Special Public Holiday Programmes focuses on creating awareness around the topic highlighted by the named holiday and supporting those groups who would benefit from it I.e.: Women’s Day or Youth Day. These events are capped at 150 people, on a first-come-first-serve basis

Strengthening family bonds and ultimately building our community” – Mutheera Rademeyer

After-School Homework Club

The After-School Homework Club aims to provide extra help to 39 children who are struggling at school

Holiday Club Programme

The Holiday Club Programme works to accommodate and care for 150 children that are at home during the school holidays

Youth Club

Empowering our future, I’m purely amazed at their willingness and passion to assist” – Mutheera Rademeyer

The Youth Club works with 18 local teenagers, encouraging them in their community work and generating environmental awareness

Christmas Day Cooking and Special Deliveries

If you want to be reminded of what true love is, spend it with the mothers of our community. Their inspiring stories and infectious laughs give hope for a better tomorrow, if only we can follow their example” – Mutheera Rademeyer

Ocean View Community Matric Ball

In just three weeks, the community of Ocean View rallied to support and celebrate their Matriculants of 2021. It started as an idea of Mutheera’s, to give the students of Ocean View High School an experience that they would never forget and it ended as magical day of which everyone involved could be proud. Community members and organisations ensured that all of the students felt appreciated and special by providing outfits and accessories, transport, nail technicians, hairdressers, make-up artists, decorations, catering, entertainment, photographers and a beautiful venue. Families came out in support, cheering on as the students walked the red carpet, and volunteers ensured the safe running of the whole event. Starting with the Red Carpet Event, outside the Ocean View Library, students were then driven to the Rocklands Centre for the main event. Against a backdrop of sheer mountain cliffs, and with a panoramic view of False Bay, these students danced the night away to the beats and melodies of the awesome local entertainment

The special event was detailed in a Daily Voice Article and an article by Die Son

Mutheera’s Projects is recognised for their unwavering dedication to their community and founder, Mutheera Rademeyer, is celebrated for her compassionate leadership and care

Future Projects

  • A walk-in library for both adults and children
  • Social programmes for teenagers and young adults; as well as those to highlight and educate about gender-based violence, drug awareness and other social ills
  • Sport projects to promote an active, healthy lifestyle among children
  • Skills programmes to contribute to more positive community members


Ocean View Community Police Forum
Onse Huisie


Noorul Islam Mosque Welfare Committee
My Father’s House

ARKYS Outreach Project Coordinators: Sally Sivewright and Megan Webster